Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo Museum (Mexico City)

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Casa Azul - lovely, perfectly kept structures, tranquil lush gardens, abundant display of Frida's colorful and regal garments, and last but certainly not least, her drawings and paintings. All of these things embody the strength, beauty, and the creative gift to the world that was and is Frida Kahlo.

In addition to the permanent structures and exhibits (which are themselves amazing), we had the unexpected pleasure of viewing a new, limited engagement exhibit that told the story of Frida's life, struggles, and artistry through her clothes and deliberate personal style. The exhibit was thoughtfully and beautifully curated.

My connection with Frida resonated deeply in very personal ways while I walked through, and experienced, her personal space.

"While I have always been aware and interested in Frida Kahlo, I was taken aback by how moving being in her house, and with her belongings, would be. In particular, her very calculated wardrobe, much of it restrictive and used to hide her 'imperfections' as a result of her illness and accident, had a profound impact on me and how I have, or haven't faced my own challenges in life. I was also struck by just how much she and Shannon have in common. They're style absolutely, but more than that, their determination, strength when facing adversity, and the way they hold beauty in the highest regard, and see it where no one else would." - Randy Beard

Photos by Shannon Hunter (only outside photos were allowed)

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