"Night Passion"by S.Hunter-Sideshow Gallery(Brooklyn,NY)

"Sideshow is an influential and far-reaching gallery of contemporary art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, showing provocative emerging artists and modern masterworks. Founder Richard Timperio is revered for his eclectic and groundbreaking art exhibits and events. Sideshow Gallery has been defining the cutting edge of contemporary art in Brooklyn for 20 years." - excerpt from Sideshow Gallery website.

Upon recommendation from a local resident in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we stopped by the Sideshow Gallery to check out their current exhibition of over 500 artists - "Thru the Rabbit Hole 2," a yearly exhibition showcasing more than 500 emerging artists' work and modern masterworks. Find out more here.

The artwork was nothing short of AMAZING and we were also lucky enough to meet the Owner, Founder and Director, Richard Timperio, a long-time resident and artist in the Brooklyn area. Richard was incredibly personable, knowledgable and funny. It was fantastic learning the history, current challenges and all the ups and downs of the Williamsburg art scene.

Toward the end of our amazing experience, our visit took an unexpectedly wonderful turn. After connecting with so much of the art on display, and Richard himself, there was no doubt in our minds that our photography would fit in perfectly. Rather than live with a chance not taken, we summoned up our courage and asked to contribute one of our pieces to this amazing show. Richard wholeheartedly accepted our offer, and our piece, "Night Passion 004" now resides in his gallery!

If you're in the Brooklyn area, this is a MUST STOP! One of the few truly authentic Artist-run warehouse galleries left.

THANK YOU RICHARD TIMPERIO for doing all that you do to support art and keep it alive in this vibrant neighborhood.

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